Kauri protection investments

In 2021, the Government announced increased investment in kauri protection totalling $32 million over five years (2021-2026) which saw the establishment of Tiakina Kauri within Biosecurity New Zealand.

Tiakina Kauri is investing in key kauri protection activities with mana whenua and collaborating agencies, while working together to implement the Phytophthora agathidicida (PA) National Pest Management Plan (NPMP).

Our investment process

Our investment Pou guide Tiakina Kauri’s investment decisions, and all investments must align to one of more of the following Pou. The Pou are directly connected to the objectives of the NPMP.

Investment Pou

  1. Building capability and capacity of mana whenua to lead kauri protection locally.
  2. Increasing monitoring of, and aerial surveillance over kauri forests to support strategic kauri protection decisions.
  3. Building a bridge between mātauranga Māori, research and operational management.
  4. On the ground kauri protection mitigation works including the development of guides, policies and standards to help protect kauri from the disease caused by the pathogen Phytophthora Agathidicida (PA).

We are actively working with our partners - mana whenua, and collaborating agencies, Department of Conservation (DoC) and councils across kauri lands to identify kauri protection initiatives. These proposals are then approved by the Tiakina Kauri Governance Group for funding.

Tiakina Kauri aspire to fulfil the principles of Te Tiriti, particularly in regard to engagement, partnership and decision making. We are committed to building enduring relationships with mana whenua and acknowledge it will take some time to include mana whenua in operational planning with the aim of transferring leadership of future kauri protection work.

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