Kauri care guide

Information about caring for Kauri on your property.

Kauri are threatened by a soil-borne pathogen called Phytophthora agathidicida (PA for short), which causes the fatal condition known as kauri dieback disease.

Looking after Kauri on your property

This booklet is for people who have Kauri on their property. It explains the ecology of Kauri, common diseases and gives advice about care and propagation. This booklet has three main sections:

  1. Kauri ecology: The Kauri family, how Kauri grow and reproduce, and diseases that affect these trees.
  2. How to care for your Kauri: Advice on how to reduce stress and care for your Kauri.
  3. How to grow Kauri: How to gather seed, propagate and plant out Kauri.

National plan to protect Kauri

Note: From 2 August 2022 ten new rules/regulations have been introduced as part of a National Plan to help protect Kauri from the PA pathogen.

More information on the Plan and how it affects operations on your land.  

Research has underpinned the information in some of these guidelines. These resources will be updated in the coming months, with new guidelines to be developed.