Technical Advisory Groups

Technical Advisory Groups (TAGs) provide independent technical advice to Tiakina Kauri.

Technical Advisory Groups (TAGs) have a defined lifespan to focus on a particular kauri protection activity. TAGs may operate for around six to nine months. The TAG does not have any specific powers or functions other than to comment and provide advice. TAG advice will support Tiakina Kauri to standardise practice, policies and definitions across kauri protection work.

The Aerial and Ground Surveillance TAGs

Tiakina Kauri have formed two TAGs to advice on its kauri protection surveillance activities, including one focused on remote sensing and the other, ground surveillance. The Aerial and Ground Surveillance TAGs have a key role in ensuring high impact science is carried out and robust recommendations are developed for Tiakina Kauri to implement within the Phytophthora Agathidicida (PA) National Pest Management Plan (NPMP). Their advice will inform management decisions, specifically using surveillance to determine kauri numbers, as well as where and how far PA has spread.

Kauri protection surveillance activities

A monitoring and surveillance programme is an important tool to ensure the success of the PA-NPMP and other kauri protection activities. Our aim is to identify the location of healthy kauri to ensure their protection, and where PA is located near kauri, to manage the spread of the disease. It will also allow us to identify areas where we can potentially build kauri sanctuaries. 

More information about the Aerial and Ground Surveillance TAGs can be found in the following Terms of Reference (ToR) documents: