Heat treatment protocols to kill Phytophthora Agathidicida (PA) pathogen

How to eliminate disease in soil, plant material, and on inanimate objects.

Kauri are under threat from a disease caused by the pathogen Phytophthora agathidicida (PA). The disease is also known as 'kauri dieback'.

A guide to be considered by planners, land managers and contractors when planning any operations

These guidelines are based on current research into the efficacy of temperature against PA in non-composting and non-solarisation systems as well as overseas research into the efficacy of using heat treatment against other Phytophthora species using solarisation and composting. 

Contact your local regional council, unitary authority or Department of Conservation if there are local policy or regulatory constraints e.g. commercial-scale composting operations generally require approval to operate from regional councils, and in some cases, territorial authorities (city or district councils).

National plan to protect kauri

Note: From 2 August 2022 ten new rules/regulations have been introduced as part of a National Plan to help protect kauri from the PA pathogen that causes ‘dieback’ disease.

More information on the Plan and how it affects operations on your land.  

Research has underpinned the information in some of these guidelines. These resources will be updated in the coming months, with new guidelines to be developed.

More information about how to identify the disease.