Earthworks risk management plan

'How to' guide and template for completing an Earthworks risk management plan.

Kauri are threatened by a soil-borne pathogen called Phytophthora agathidicida (PA for short), which causes the fatal condition known as kauri dieback disease.

Managing the risks associated with conducting earthworks activities

Rule 5 of the National Plan for Kauri helps prevent the spread of the PA pathogen that could be caused by the movement of soil during earthworks activities.

From 2 August 2023, if you want to undertake any earthworks within a ‘Kauri hygiene zone’ (i.e. within 3x the radius of the dripline of a Kauri tree canopy – see page 12 of the 'How to' guide for completing the Earthworks risk management plan template) you will need to have an earthworks risk management plan. 

Note: The full detail of Rule 5 is available on pages 11-13 of the National PA Pest Management Plan

Completing an Earthworks risk management plan template

Please read the 'How to' guide before completing the Earthworks risk management plan template, and then submit your completed template as per the instructions provided.

If you have any questions about conducting earthworks around Kauri trees, please email Tiakina Kauri.