Programme Contacts & Reporting the disease

The Programme Enquiries line on 0800 NZ KAURI (69 52874) is managed by our Programme Partners at Auckland Council

Ministry for Primary Industries: 

Department of Conservation:

Northland Regional Council:

Pete Graham, Northland Regional Council
0800 002 004 or 09439 3306

Auckland Council:

Waikato Regional Council:

Kim Parker, Waikato Regional Council
Phone: 0800 246 732

 Bay of Plenty Regional Council: 

Donna Watchman, Bay of Plenty Regional Council
Phone: 0800 884 880

Reporting the disease

You can also call the Kauri Dieback Programme hotline on 0800 NZ KAURI (69 52874) or email for more information or to report a tree that looks unhealthy.  The programme team will send any reports of unhealthy trees to the appropriate council or land authority to manage.

You can't tell just by looking whether a kauri tree is infected with dieback or not. An infected kauri may show symptoms like yellowing leaves, a thinning canopy, dead branches or large lesions (areas of damage) near the base of the tree that bleed resin. However, symptoms like these might be caused by other factors – for example, drought or age. Infected kauri may appear healthy and not show any symptoms during early-stage infection for many years – and some never develop trunk lesions.