Our ten year strategy to keep kauri standing

The Programme is excited to share with you our vision for protecting kauri, and the key areas we’ll be focusing on to manage kauri dieback disease in the near future.

Thanks to the combined efforts of people, communities and the Programme partners, we have achieved a great deal over the last five years. This strategy builds on our current work, and increases focus on the areas we believe will have the greatest impact. In developing and agreeing this strategy the Programme will deliver increased activities or improvements to:

  • the  work that is carried out on the ground
  • how we gain and use knowledge about the disease
  • how we work with, and support people and communities to help manage the disease
  • the way the Programme operates.

By focusing on the areas listed above we aim to ensure healthy kauri forests continue to be an iconic part of New Zealand's landscape that future generations are able to enjoy.

 You can find the strategy on the Useful Resources page. 

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