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On the 26th of May this year Journalist Kennedy Warne climbed into the canopy of Piha's kauri forests to see the damage caused by kauri dieback disease.

With help from arborist Fredrik Hjelm from the Living Tree Company, Kennedy was able to report live on Radio New Zealand while safely perched 20m up a kauri tree on Piha's Mangaroa Ridge.

As radio host Kathryn Ryan asked questions from the warmth of the studio, Kennedy braved the weather to experience first-hand the devastation caused by kauri dieback disease.

He stated that the experience was both wonderful as well as tragic. Wonderful to be up a tree with such an ancient lineage, but tragic to be looking at a dead and dying canopy caused by kauri dieback.

The 11-minute interview covered the issue of kauri dieback and what we must do to stop its spread in a well-informed and impassioned way.


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