The word is spreading!

A recent awareness survey has found some encouraging results!

Auckland Council recently completed a 'People's Panel' survey to measure awareness and attitudes on kauri dieback and it's management.

A stunning 3077 people responded to this survey and 82% of participants were aware of kauri dieback disease. Three-quarters (74%) of those who knew of kauri dieback also recognised that the disease is spread by soil. Read the full report here.

It looks like awareness of kauri dieback is growing - these are our best results to date! Thanks to everyone that has helped spread the word about this issue! Let's keep this momentum going and keep this issue on people's minds. With moderate compliance at our cleaning stations on park, we need to keep raising these levels of awareness.

Please continue to spread the word and help us keep kauri standing.

Thanks to everyone that participated in the survey.These results have been used to provide a measure of current knowledge of kauri dieback, in order to assess the effectiveness of the kauri dieback communications programme in Auckland over time. The wealth of information will also inform our management on parks and help shape an awareness campaign for this summer.


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